A Servant of the Lord Jesus

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A DEAR young friend has sent us an account of her Sunday-school teacher; may it be blessed to our readers. Polly says: " The little story which I am about to write is of a loving servant of the Lord Jesus. She was my Sunday-school teacher, and a very loving one, too. It was her earnest desire to lead us children to the feet of Jesus. She was very weak, and suffered very much. She gradually became weaker and weaker, until at last she was no longer able to come to school. In all her sufferings she was always very patient. It troubled us greatly when she was at last removed to the hospital, from which she never returned, as she did not recover. She did not even seem to wish to get better; she said she was ready to submit to whatever the Lord wished. We afterward heard she was as sunshine in the hospital ward, speaking loving words of comfort to all that came in her way. It was a sorrowful funeral—most of the school followed—and yet our sorrow was mingled with joy to think that she had gone to be with the Lord, where she would be happy forever, and all of us who have our robes made white in the precious blood of Jesus shall go to be with Him, never more to part. And now I would conclude my little story with the wish that all who read it would try and follow her example, and be a comfort to all those around them, by first coming to the feet of Jesus, and having their sins washed away in His own most precious blood.”
I had a loving teacher once,
But now she lives in heaven;
She loved the blessed Saviour's name;
Her sins were all forgiven.
She told us children earnestly
Of the kind Saviour's love;
She said she wished to meet us all
In the bright world above.
Her name is cherished here below,
Because we loved her so,
But none could fret, because we knew
That she to heaven would go.
And, oh that all might anxious be
To have their sins forgiven,
For, oh! it would so happy be
To meet with her in heaven.
P. S.