A Straight Line to Christ

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Peter the Great, Emperor of Russia, when the railway was to be made between Moscow and St. Petersburg, employed a great number of engineers in making plans. He looked over many of their maps, and at last, like the practical man that he was, he said, "Here, bring me a ruler."
They brought him a ruler; he took a pencil, and, drawing a straight line, he said, "This is the way to make it; we want no other plan than one straight line."
There are a great many ways of attempting to engineer souls to Heaven, but the only one that is worth considering is this: Draw a straight line to Christ at once.
Did I hear one awakened soul say, "I should like to talk to Mr. So-and-So"? By all means talk to him, but do not stop for that. Go to Christ first.
"Oh, but I should like to talk with a good woman—a dear Christian lady." I recommend you to go to the Lord Jesus Christ at once, and see the lady afterward. There must be nobody between a soul and Christ. Go straight to Christ.
"Which way?" do you say. Look and live.