A Useless Ticket

 •  2 min. read  •  grade level: 7
How wonderful it seems to ride above clouds, high above the earth, looking down on the world beneath. The time it takes to fly from one place to another is so short that we hardly realize the distance.
Of course taking an airplane ride isn't a very difficult problem today, but one must first buy the ticket. Then you must go out to where the plane is ready and waiting for you.
You can study the time schedule if you wish, and talk to those boarding the plane, but there is one thing more—the most important thing of all. You have made your decision to fly, bought your ticket, checked the schedule, talked to others about it, and even seen the plane, but unless you get on board, it will not take you to your destination.
This is like being saved. Unless you trust Christ, you cannot be saved. Just as the plane cannot take you to your destination unless you board it, so you cannot reach heaven unless you accept the Lord Jesus Christ as you own personal Savior.
He paid the price in full. On Calvary's cross He died in our guilty place that we might be saved from our sins, and by accepting Him into our hearts by faith we are saved.
Once you are on the plane you trust the pilot to take you to your destination. And so once you have decided for Christ and have become a Christian, you trust Him, as your Pilot through life, to guide and keep you till you reach that home above.
The airplane pilot might fail, or the plane itself might fail, but the Lord Jesus and His saving power never will. He will bring every one of His redeemed ones safely to heaven, and there is no other way but through Him. Have you ever knelt down and thanked the Lord Jesus for His wonderful love in dying for you? If you haven't, won't you bow before Him now and, owning your lost sinful condition, thank Him for shedding His precious blood to save you?