A Word to Doubters

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 10
Read carefully John 3:36 and 5: 24, and Acts 13:38-39.
If all the shalls in Scripture meant perhaps,
And all the haths meant simply hope to have,
And all the ares depended on an if,
I well might doubt;
But since our Savior-God means what He says,
And cannot lie,
I trust His faithful word, and know that I
Shall surely dwell throughout eternity
With Him whose love led Him for me to die,
E'en Christ Himself.
Particularly note the words is and Verily, verily, in the above text uttered by the blessed Savior. Also notice that the word know occurs forty-two times in John's Epistles, which are addressed to believers in the Lord Jesus Christ.
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