Abbott's Hill and Principles; Occupation With Evil

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Take care, too, that irritation does not come in; the wrath of man never works the righteousness of God. The saints ought to be able to win back to peace many souls, and the way of peace is that which will do it. But let their vexation subside; you will have given up no principle: one's own soul suffers by being constantly occupied with evil. It is not the place of communion.—saying he gave up brethrenism has put the thing in its true light; and if left to reflect on it, many will find where they had got to; if carried on as if seeking to carry one's point, they will not. You should not mind such as -. There is a kind of violence which grace is entirely above. It ought to be above all. God's ways are His own and wonderful.... I have constantly found that bringing things to God, if real, is the way of having them done. Our hearts are very treacherous, and we are in danger of rejoicing in iniquity, if the evil of another proves our point. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, and pray for poor much. He is one dear, as redeemed in the blood, the precious blood of Christ. Many would think this inconsistent with my letter, but. it is not. It was occasioned by a public act which Carew the whole testimony of God into confusion. Be assured that God knows how to manage His own affairs: He has shown it. Give people time to weigh and think.
Affectionately yours in the Lord.