Abiding in Christ.

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IT is of such immense importance to abide in Christ that I wish all would take it into account and make it a matter of great concern. The attention is very much taken up with other subjects, and people very often give but the fag end of their time to divine things. I think you want to give the best of your time. It is a great thing to sit at Christ's feet. People take long journeys to winter abroad with the idea of keeping in perpetual sunshine. You will not have to do that. It is only the wealthy who can go to these winter resorts; but you can get yourself morally into sunshine, in the light of divine mercy, without any expense at all. It is as open to the poor as to the rich, and the benefit of it is immense. I have little doubt that if people were happier morally, they would suffer less physically. It is a great thing to keep ourselves in the love of God. If you do you will be in the sunshine. Christ is the Sun of righteousness, the rights of mercy shine out in Him.