Affection for the Lord

Towards the end of a busy summer when my days were filled with the rush of daily “musts” of canning, extra laundry, school shopping, and many other things, the Lord Jesus brought home to my heart these verses. The Lord is speaking here. How many times has the Saviour been in our home and we gave Him “no kiss.” When we are His, He is always with us, for He is within us. But maybe we have not been taking time to read His Word; or maybe we have read it, but it was just out of habit and our hearts were not in it. Our affections for the Lord might be sadly low, our love cold or just lukewarm. He wants our heart’s affections, our praises, and our worship. Have you thought on the Lord of glory and His love for you today? Have you responded to His love with a “kiss,” an outflow of love from your heart for Him?