After This?

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Two aged men, strangers to each other, met upon a path one winter's day. The hair of each was white as snow, and the steps of both were very feeble. One leaned upon his stick, the other upon the arm of an attendant. "We are both alike, sir," said the former, as he rested himself upon his staff; "we are both near our journey's end; and oh, what a joy it is to know there are but a few more steps, and then it is rest with Christ above!"
The other old man made no reply, but looked strangely into the face of his attendant upon whose arm he leaned. Perhaps his heart was saying, "What strange doctrine is this?"
The two aged ones separated, each to go his way. Both had trodden life's pathway more than threescore years and ten. To one the winter's day seemed to say, "Everlasting spring is near." To the other it was but winter, the cold and cheerless end of life, and then death; and after this—
Oh! traveler to eternity, consider these solemn words: "And after this—the judgment."