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Edna Johnson was a Christian nurse and took her profession very seriously. Upon her graduation from nursing school, she had dedicated her skill to God. It was her desire to be used for His glory in ministering to the sick, whether in body or soul. In pursuit of her high resolve, Nurse Johnson found herself called for at all hours, and required to go to all sorts of homes.
One night she was returning home quite late. As she rose to leave the bus she placed on the seat a small booklet containing the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ. This small action was accompanied by a silent prayer that God would direct the message to some needy soul.
Hurrying up the shadowy street, Nurse Johnson uneasily realized that she was being followed. As she left the bus she had caught a glimpse of a rough looking man as he picked up the little tract and left the conveyance by another door. Perhaps he thought she had left something of value—and indeed it was something "better far than gold." Now she was frightened, and fear lent wings to her feet; but hurry as she might, the pursuing footsteps were faster.
Soon, almost at her side, the man called out: "Lady, wait! I don't want to harm you. I want your help."
In spite of her terror, this call for help could not be denied. She stopped to listen as he explained: "I picked up your book, Lady, and I saw by it that you must be a Christian. Will you come and see my wife? It isn't far, and—she is dying."
At first Nurse Johnson hesitated; but seeing a policeman, she hailed him and explained the request, asking him to accompany her. This officer could not leave his "beat" at that time, but directed her where to find one who could. With this protector, the little group were soon at the sick woman's address. The policeman offered to wait outside while the nurse went in to see what could be done.
The woman's husband led the way to a back room. It was dimly lighted, but on the bed could be seen the form of the poor sufferer. As. Nurse Johnson approached her the invalid called out with amazing strength in her voice: "Oh, tell me about 'ALL, ALL.' "
Her visitor repeated the words, "All, all." Suddenly into her mind came the remembrance of a gospel message Bro. Jay had given a short time before. He had spoken on the first part of Isaiah 53. When he came to the sixth verse, the nurse was struck with his emphasis on the two ALLS, and his remark to a young seeker of salvation: "Go in with the first ALL and come out with the last ALL; for 'all we like sheep have gone astray; we have turned every one to his own way; and the LORD hath laid on Him the iniquity of us ALL."
Reverently the nurse quoted the precious portion; and was rewarded with the cry, "That's it, that's it!" As the dying one added: "The Lord hath laid on Him the iniquity of us ALL," her spirit passed into the presence of Him who had borne her sins "in His own body on the tree."
"Our sins were borne by Jesus,
The holy Lamb of God;
He took them all, and freed us
From that condemning load."