All My Springs Are in Thee

Psalm 87:7
Thou source divine of joys that grow,
Eternal spring of endless peace,
And surest hope, whose constant flow
Of highest bliss can never cease.
O who among us all can tell
The unfathomed depths of love divine,
That brought Thee here with man to dwell,
And grace and righteousness combine?
From Thee flows forth the living stream
Whose waters gladden every heart,
Which fills the soul with joy supreme,
And heals its wounds and soothes its smart.
From earthly springs we turn away -
No more a broken cistern hew;
With heavenly drafts our souls we stay,
With living water strength renew.
In Thee are all our freshest springs,
Perennial sources never dry;
We long to spread our gladsome wings
And mount to drink celestial joy.
R. B.