All Sin

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It seemed to me that possibly most of my sins could be forgiven. They were bad enough, but then they were only the same sort of sins other people commit, and if others could be forgiven, why could not I?
But there were some very dark spots in my life—sins that I was ashamed to think of. I could not bring myself to believe that there could be forgiveness for such sins as those.
There were hours of darkness, hours of sorrow, and then at last the light broke in. A verse of Scripture came to mind: The blood of Jesus Christ His Son cleanseth us from ALL sin.
And I just left the whole lot, little and great, inside the word "ALL".
"ALL sin"—yes! Sin of every character and shade: the "little sins," as people speak of them and the great ones too.
"ALL sin." None is too dark or desperate. The soul that comes to the Savior is completely cleansed.
"ALL sin." Come to the Savior now. He wants to bless. The door of mercy stands open wide. Soon the Master of the house of blessing will close that door of salvation. Think what it will be to have missed the cleansing, and to be linked with your sins and their doom forever.
"ALL sin." Let the words ring in your soul now and forever.