All the Way

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In John 14:77If ye had known me, ye should have known my Father also: and from henceforth ye know him, and have seen him. (John 14:7) Jesus says: "I am the way." When He proclaims Himself the Way, He gives a perfect direction. He is not only the road by which we must travel, but He is the end to which we must press forward. He is all the way.
Richard Weaver, a simple man but a great evangelist, used this plain illustration: "When I was over in Dublin, I wanted to get to my wife, who was living at Liverpool, and I hadn't any money. Without money, I hardly knew how I would manage it. However, one of my young friends came and said: 'Now, Mr. Weaver, I shall give you a first class ticket from Dublin to Liverpool, all the way through.'
"We went to the station, and I did not pay anything at all, for I had my ticket given me. I got into a first-class carriage and rode along until we came to Kingstown, and then we sailed across. But I did not need a fresh ticket, for the one I had was a ticket all the way through, even to the journey's end.
"Now," said Richard, "when the Lord Jesus Christ came to me I was a poor, lost sinner. I wanted to get to heaven, but I couldn't. And then He said to me, `Trust Me, and I will give you a first-class ticket to heaven, all the way through.'
“I did trust Him, and He gave me the ticket! I never paid a half-penny for it; but he paid for it with His blood, and gave me a first-class ticket all the way to heaven.
"That is simple faith and trust in Him. I have not had to get out to get a fresh ticket yet, and I don't believe I ever shall. Some people think you must get a great many fresh tickets before you get to heaven, because they think the first one will run out, and that you may be lost. But I know better; the ticket I had to start with was a first-class ticket all the way through.
"On that journey from Ireland to Liverpool, nobody came and said, 'Now then, Richard Weaver, you are only a poor collier; you have no business riding first-class, you must get out!'
"No, no: if anybody had said that, I would have said, 'Here is my ticket.'
"When the porters came, they said, 'Show your tickets; show your tickets'; but they didn't say, 'Show yourselves.' It didn't matter to them who I was. As long as I had a ticket—that was the thing.
"Now," said Richard, "the devil sometimes comes to some of you and says, 'What! you a Christian? You a Christian? Why, just look at yourself!' But you must not listen to him. You must show your ticket; that will answer all questions. Just say, 'I do believe that Jesus Christ died for me, and I trust in Him.' That is your ticket, blessed be God!—a first-class ticket all the way through; and there isn't a porter in heaven that can turn you out. Your ticket is valid even to the journey's end."
Friend, Christ is the way, the only way, all the way to heaven perfectly. He is the way NOW. Just where you are, just as you are, Christ says to you, "I am the way."