Altogether Lovely

CHILD of the lowly Maid,
Born in the stable mean;
Plying the workman's trade,
Jesus the Nazarene:
Buried in Jordan's stream,
Fasting in desert bare;
Hail Him, the Lord supreme!
Hail Him, the only-Fair!
Healing the halt and blind,
Touching the leper's sore;
Soothing the anxious mind;
Weeping at death's dark door:
Teaching with timely word,
Tending with patient care;
Hail Him, the glorious Lord!
Hail Him, the only-Fair!
Bowing in anguish down,
Praying with cries and tears;
Wearing the thorny crown,
Hearing the cruel jeers;
Dying as none could die,
Bearing what none could bear:
Hail Him, the Lord most High!
Hail Him, the only-Fair!
Bursting the bands of death,
Rending the vanquished grave,
Breathing the Spirit's breath,
Mighty to help and save:
Reigning in glory bright;
Coming in grandeur rare:
Hail Him, my heart's delight,
Ever the only-Fair!