Amos: December 1996

 •  2 min. read  •  grade level: 7
The prophecy of Amos is another very solemn one. But his prophecy not only includes judgments against the children of Israel, but also against some of the Gentile nations who lived around Israel and oppressed the people of God.
Amos was a herdsman, but God called him to prophesy to the people. One of the very solemn things that he prophesied against Israel concerned the young men that God had given to preserve the nation. He wanted these boys to become prophets and Nazarites. A prophet brought the Word of God to His people, and the Nazarite dedicated himself to serving Jehovah.
But the disobedient nation of Israel told the prophets not to prophesy and caused the Nazarites to break their vow of service to God. How very sad! God told them that He would not walk with them in such disobedience, for He could have no fellowship or agreement with such wickedness.
There were many sad things that befell the nation of Israel, and God told them through Amos’s prophecy that it was because of their ways that these things had happened. Amaziah, a wicked man who heard what Amos said, told Amos to go away. But Amos remained and faithfully delivered God’s message.
We’ll rest now while you look for the following verses:
1. Peter told the Gentile centurion, Cornelius, and his followers that the Lord Jesus had healed those who were ____________ of the devil. Acts 10:___
2. The wicked men that held the Lord Jesus covered His face and struck Him. Then they taunted Him to ____________ and tell them who had hit Him.
Matthew 26:___
3. The Apostle Paul told some believers at Ephesus that he had been ____________ the Lord with a humble mind and with many tears for those whom he loved. Acts 20:___
4. The Apostle tells believers that it is impossible for righteousness to have ____________ with unrighteousness. 2 Corinthians 6:___
5. After Lydia was saved and baptized, her desire was to be ____________ to the Lord and have the company of Paul and his helpers stay in her home.
Acts 16:___