An Officer's Message

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A young Army officer was in the hospital near death. When one of the men of his regiment, Sgt. Taylor, visited him, he gave him a last message for his mother at home.
"Promise me, Taylor, that you will go to Easton and see my mother. Tell her all about me."
"Your mother, sir?" The look of sorrow and regret on the dying man's face made the trooper say gently: "May I tell your mother that you died trusting in Christ?"
"No, no," was the bitter answer. "She is a wonderful mother and a real Christian. It will break her heart, I know, but no, it is not true of me." He turned his face away.
"But Christ will receive you now just as you are, sir. Why not come to Him?"
"Taylor, I have lived only for myself, and given God no thought all my life. How could I be so low as to turn to Him at the end? No! It's too late. I set my course and left God out."
"Wait a minute, sir. Look at it this way. Look at it from Christ's side. After all He has done for you and He died for you, didn't He?—give Him the chance of saving your soul. He has suffered enough for you. Don't cause Him still more disappointment! Give Him at least the chance of saving you now, late though it is."
The man's eyes opened wide in astonishment. This was a new way of looking at it—that Christ would be disappointed if he were lost, and that he would be grieving Him still further—that was a new thought.
"Leave me, Taylor, but come back tonight. I must think this through."
That evening when the sergeant again stood by the bed of the dying officer there was no need to ask a question. The light in the man's eyes told the tale. He had not disappointed Christ! The lost sheep had let the Shepherd find him.
"Tell Mother that my trust is in Christ, and that He is not disappointed," he whispered.