And I Refused!

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Felix Mendelssehn, the great master of music, was born in Germany in 1801. As a young man his talents had already won him worldwide fame.
One afternoon, being in Frieberg, he wandered, unnoticed and unknown, into its ancient cathedral where he had heard there was a rare old pipe organ. Finding the old man in charge, he humbly asked permission to play it. But the old man stoutly refused, saying,
“No! Strangers are not allowed to play my organ.”
The young musician, however, persisted, and spoke so long and lovingly of the organ and pleaded so fervently, that the old man at last consented to let him play, but only for a few minutes.
Seating himself at the instrument and sweeping his fingers across the keys, the musician began to play. Instantly the old organ responded to the master's touch. It seemed to thrill with new life, as there burst from its pipes such a glorious rhapsody as it had never before produced. As if the great cathedral could not contain all the melody, the music rolled out though the open doors and windows into the streets, while the townsfolk stopped to listen and wonder.
When the short performance ended, the old man, with tears streaming from his eyes, laid two trembling hands on the musician's shoulders and demanded:
“Wonderful man! Who are you?”
Hearing the name "Mendelssohn" he drew back in fear and astonishment, exclaiming,
“Mendelssohn!—and I refused to allow you to play my organ!”
May this story remind us that a heavenly Stranger stands at the heart's door waiting to be admitted... to fill that heart with such heavenly joy and song as it has never known before. His name is Jesus. Have you let Him in?