Angels in White Expanded: Pamphlet Pack [Pamphlets]

Angels in White Expanded: Pamphlet Pack by Russell Elliott
13 Full-Color Pamphlets, Large-Print
236 pages
Price Each
Price Each

About This Product

The 13 attractive pamphlets that form this series are not known to be in print in any other form. However they did appear in the original edition of Angels in White.

Perhaps the finest feature of each of these pamphlets is similar to the book Angels in White, the encouragement they provide to trust God. So many of our experiences bog us down, trip us up or are used by the enemy to discourage us. R. Elliott points to Christ for encouragement even when what He is doing is not obvious. Isn’t He the fully trustworthy one?

Each of these pamphlets has large type and is sprinkled with many very encouraging quotes in attractive settings. You will find these to be easy on the eyes late at night. When you are in a rush and have only a few minutes to browse, we think you can still pick them up and find a moment or two of refreshment for your soul. Some of the sentences require reading a second time to get their whole meaning, but the subheads and quotes help break each one into manageable sections. A complete non-reader might find them a difficult place to start, but if you’ve already enjoyed Angels in White you know what you’ll be getting.

These were published as pamphlets to make them more economical to share with one another. With prices of only about a dollar each, they’re easy to drop in the mail (they require a large envelope) or take when visiting a weary soul.