Answers on Ephesians 5

Ephesians 5  •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 8
13. I believe “what makes everything manifest,” though difficulty is made as to the voice of φαν.
19. “Hymns” were more especially festival praises to God. “Psalms” were chanted with instruments, but afterward, though in divine service, of a general character. “Spiritual songs” were not necessarily divine service, though spiritual with every kind of development of thought. But the object is not to define but to speak of every sort which saints could sing together in liberty.
21. The importance is the place it puts Christ in. The fear of God is not within the special circle of Christ's government as Lord. This is (so in Colossians), the grace of Christ and word of Christ are not the same surely but bring them close to the heart in the path in which we walk. The fear of God is a general moral state.
23. The connection of husband and wife is in the body though in the Lord, and His delivering power and blessing include the body.