Are You Acquainted With the Author?

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“I am personally acquainted with the author." Such was the simple reply of a humble Christian when challenged by a skeptic as to the authenticity of the Bible.
How many there are who have Bibles but have no personal acquaintance with the Author! How many there are who regard the Bible as merely a masterpiece of English literature, or perhaps go as far as to call it, "The good Book.”
Again, how many there are engaged in the production, distribution and sale of the Bible but ignore its message to them. Like so many in Noah's day standing at the door of the ark, but not entering in. An extreme example of this folly is found in the following story.
A Christian who revered and loved the Bible recently visited a major Bible wholesaler in the United States. The proprietor proudly took him by elevator to the top floor of one of his three warehouses, and from there they toured the building floor by floor, the proprietor describing to him his stocks.
The building contained literally thousands upon thousands of Bibles of almost every size and description in versions acceptable to practically every individual, creed and denomination.
Orders flowed in continuously throughout the working hours from all over the continent; and every order was promptly processed and shipped the same day. In his community the proprietor was rightly regarded as a most successful business man, a good citizen, and incidentally, a millionaire.
On leaving the building, the visitor was presented with a Bible bound in white kid, commemorating his visit, as a souvenir. As he accepted it and thanked the proprietor, he was constrained to inquire, "And do you know the Author of this book?”
To this the proprietor gave no reply, but quickly changed the subject. Evidently the correct answer to his question would have been, "No.”
The Bible is divinely given to be a lamp to our feet and a light to our path (see Psa. 119:105105NUN. Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path. (Psalm 119:105)). To possess, handle or make merchandise of the Bible while closing one's ears to its divine message, is to love darkness rather than light and commit folly in the extreme.
Light obeyed increaseth Light; Light rejected bringeth Night. Who shall give me power to choose If the love of Light I lose?