Arrested by a Song

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It was a busy scene at an American railroad station. The train was late and the waiting room crowded.
One loud-voiced man seemed to take pleasure in impious remarks in which the name of Christ was unsparingly mixed, to the intense disgust of many of the passengers. But regardless of the discomfort he caused, the man kept on.
Presently, above the blatant voice of the swearer, rose the sweet words of a hymn sung in a manly voice:
"Jesus lover of my soul,
Let me to thy bosom fly,
While the nearer waters roll,
While the tempest still is high.”
Fearlessly the singer went on till he had sung all the verses.
When he had finished, not a sound was to be heard; the rebuke seemed effectual, at least in stopping the blasphemy.
“Could I see you for a moment outside?”
It was the voice of the swearer, and he had come up to Dr. Vincent, the man who had sung the beautiful song.
“Certainly" was the reply, and out they went. "How came you to sing that hymn?”
“I heard you swearing, and profaning the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and I thought I would let you know that there was someone present who loved His name.”
“That's very singular, certainly," replied the man. "My sister, when she was dying, sang that very same hymn, and she made me promise to meet her in heaven. Will you pray for me?”
Seeking a sheltered spot Dr. Vincent and the man, who had just before shocked everybody with his language, knelt together, and earnestly the good doctor prayed for the now repentant man, asking especially that grace and strength might be given him to trust the Savior and keep the promise made to his dying sister.
Presently the bell rang, the train passed into the station: all was confusion and hurry, and the two parted.
Who shall say what the result of that courageous song and earnest prayer was on the heart of the poor scoffer? One day it will be known. It is believed that the singer and the scoffer will meet again in heaven, through the shed blood of the One who died for both upon the cross "Jesus, lover of my soul.”