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I WAS trying to persuade a man to take God at His word, but he was very angry, and said he would never take to my doctrine. Hundreds of good Christian men and women lived and died without assurance, said he, so why should he not have his doubts.
“What is assurance?" I asked. "Now, for example, you pay a small sum of money that you owe. The person to whom you owed the money receives the sum, and gives you his signature on paper. Well, what assurance have you that the debt is paid, and that it will not be sought for again? Why, the man's name, signed by himself, and hence you keep possession of the paper. You do not hesitate to take man at his word, and yet you are angry with me for taking God at His word.”
“If we receive the witness of men, the witness of God is greater." R. S. McP.