At Rest

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I soon shall be at home-
Forever there at rest,-
No sorrow and no sadness
Shall e'er my heart oppress.
My weary head shall lie
Upon my Savior's breast-
Whilst His loved words supply
Sweet and unfailing rest.
To know Him-as known there!
All fear forever gone-
Gazing upon the face so fair
Of Him I lean upon.
No curse-no trace of sin-
His blood from all hath cleared-
And now I'm safe within
The home by love prepared.
Then through eternal years
My joy shall ceaseless flow,
As I am learning of the love
I now so feebly know.
But Jesus is its spring-
God's Christ my boundless joy;
Of Him I'll ever sing,
And naught my rest alloy.
-H. W. T.