Man in his sinful state does not want to be restrained; he wants to be free to do what his heart desires anywhere at any time. But man’s proper place from creation through eternity is one of submission and obedience to God, who is absolute in His rights, His authority, over His creation.
God has formed various relationships among His creatures, such as man – animals, husband – wife, parents – children, government– man, Christ – the assembly, and the Lord – over all creation. For each relationship, God has established the relative duties and responsibilities that are to govern these relationships. In addition, God has delegated authority so that one has the responsibility of headship or rule and the other has the corresponding responsibility of submission or obedience.
This issue focuses on a few of these relationships and gives us some of the Scriptural principles that are to guide and govern our behavior when in these relationships, always “as unto the Lord” who has supreme authority over us and all things.
The issue concludes with the need of applying the knife of self-judgment first to ourselves and our own personal failures before we occupy ourselves with the failures of others or seek to correct them. “Take heed unto thyself” is a good word for all of us.