Badgers Skins

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American Badger
The word tachash has been referred to several animals, principally the seal or dugong. The RV translates it “seal- skins” and “porpoise-skins” in the margin; but the badger seems to answer all the purposes for which the skin was used. It is a good protection from the weather, and we find the tachash was used for the outer covering of the tabernacle, and to cover the ark when it was being carried. One passage speaks of its being used for the shoes or sandals of delicate women, and in Exodus it is included among the costly articles, so that it was comparatively rare (Ex. 25:5; Ex. 26:14; Ex. 35:7,23; Ex. 36:19; Ex. 39:34; Num. 4:6-25; Ezek. 16:10). Typically the badgers’ skins refer to the holy, separate walk of the Lord Jesus, in entire protection from all the contaminations of the world: He was always morally “separate from sinners.”