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A Midianite prophet who resided at Pethor, son of Beor or Bosor. He was hired by Balak king of Moab to curse Israel, but God compelled him to bless instead of curse His chosen people. Though he talked piously his heart was evidently set on getting the reward from Balak (Jude 11). The angel of Jehovah withstood him, and he was rebuked by his ass, yet he was allowed to go on his way (Num. 22-24; Deut. 23:4, 6; Josh. 24:9-10). Though compelled by God to bless Israel, he most treacherously counseled Balak to seduce them by means of the Midianitish women, (Num. 31:16; 2 Pet. 2:15; Rev. 2:14), which led to their gross idolatry (Num. 25:1-2): see BAAL-PEOR. After Israel was punished for their sin, they were avenged on Moab, and among the slain was Balaam. In Joshua 13:22 he is called a soothsayer, and when he was with Balak he sought enchantments. In Numbers 23:15 the words “the LORD” are added by the translators. Numbers 24:1 Says that he went not then as at other times to meet enchantments. But he was overpowered by God. In the passages in the New Testament he is held up as an example of consummate wickedness and apostasy.