balance, bone, branch, calamus, cane, reed, X spearman, stalk

“Calamus” From Boyd’s Bible Dictionary:

(reed). (Ex. 30:23, Song of Sol. 4:14, Ezek. 27:19), identified with the lemon-grass, or sweet-flag. “Sweet cane” (Isa. 43:24, Jer. 6:20).

“Reed” From Boyd’s Bible Dictionary:

(rod). Used generically for the tall grasses, sedges, flags, or rushes which grow in marshy soils. Applied to various uses by Hebrews, and source of frequent metaphor (2 Kings 18:21; Job 40:21; Isa. 19:6; Ezek. 29:6; Matt. 11:7; 12:20; 27:29).

“Balances” From Boyd’s Bible Dictionary:

(two scales). Were in general use among the ancients for weighing gold and silver, and in traffic (Lev. 19:36; Mic. 6:11; Hos. 12:7).

“Calamus” From Concise Bible Dictionary:

The word is qaneh, and is often translated “reed.” It was one of the ingredients of the holy anointing oil (Ex. 30:23). It is mentioned among a list of spices and was brought to the market of Tyre (Song of Sol. 4:14; Ezek. 27:19). It is the calamus odoratus, a reed growing in India and Arabia, and which is said to have been found in the valley of Lebanon. It has a fragrant smell, and when dried and pounded forms a valuable ingredient for rich perfumes.

“Reed” From Concise Bible Dictionary:


“Balances” From Concise Bible Dictionary:

Jewelry Scales
Moznayim, ζυγός, a pair of balances or scales: such are seen on the Egyptian monuments, with the weights in one scale and the article to be weighed in the other. They were needful also in early days for weighing the money: when Abraham bought a burying place he “weighed to Ephron the silver” (Gen. 23:16: Compare Jer. 32:10). Job asked to be weighed in an even balance, (Job 31:6: Compare Lev. 19:36; Ezek. 45:10), for men contrived to falsify the balance, as well as the weights, which was an abomination to the Lord (Prov. 11:1; Prov. 16:11; Hos. 12:7; Amos 8:5). In Isaiah 46:6 another Hebrew word is used, ganeh, which signifies a reed, rod or beam, which may refer to the beam of the scales, for it is not known that the steel-yard was then in use. In Revelation 6:5 the rider on the black horse had a pair of balances with which to weigh out the food, showing that great scarcity will be one of God’s judgments in the future.

Strong’s Dictionary of Hebrew Words:

from 7069; a reed (as erect); by resemblance a rod (especially for measuring), shaft, tube, stem, the radius (of the arm), beam (of a steelyard)
KJV Usage:
balance, bone, branch, calamus, cane, reed, X spearman, stalk