Be Content

Hebrews 13:5
Many Christians-and more especially young and ardent Christians-while professedly recognizing God as their Father, and One who can supply their utmost and daily need, are continually fighting against His will. It is not that they mean to do so; but by their perpetual repinings and hankerings after what He, in His wisdom, sees fit to deny them, they do in reality resist His will concerning them. This is a great sin, and one to be carefully, and prayerfully guarded against. To such the most tender, and yet most emphatic word is: Take just what your Father sends you.
Though He should shut you up from all human spiritual guides; and though He should bid you part from your dearest friends; though He should call you to bear your cross alone, climbing the rugged mountain heights, when your natural inclinations would take you to the fair pastures and still waters lower down, take just what your Father sends you.
Your lot is given in love, as well as in wisdom. Take it; murmur not, neither faint by the way because of Him. The wilderness led to a goodly land, "a land flowing with milk and honey," and thus it shall prove to you.
In the wilderness, where the darkest shadows lie, you will hear His voice as you have never heard it before. You will shortly find, too, that He can touch the cold gray shades into light, even in that desert place, and that there is a rest there which is far sweeter than that of the fragrant evening hour-a rest hitherto unknown to your experience, the rest of patiently accepting His perfect will.
He has no words for joyous days, such as He has for sorrowful ones. He will assign spiritual supplies, though every human channel be cut off. He Himself is, and will continue to be your best, your truest friend; and what does it matter, if the way is dark and steep and toilsome, while He is with you?
As surely as you fight against the Lord's dispensations, so surely must you smart for it afterward. He is a jealous God: jealous of His own honor, jealous of your unswerving faith. Be very careful, then, never to press the Lord for anything which is not quite clear to your conscience to be His will, lest in righteous anger at your mistrustful solicitations and dictations, He lets you have your own way, and that way prove a disastrous loss. No good thing will He withhold; but certainly, everything evil that would harm His much-loved child.
Wait, then, upon God from day to day, from hour to hour, in perplexity, in temptation, in depression, in need of every kind. He will not be dictated to, but He loves the appeal of faith. Be not cast down, nor think your power limited, when you have no power whatever. You do not need it. Dare not to think or act for yourself at all, but refer everything to Him, wholly trusting His will and wisdom (which is infinite), to make all things-yes, all things-work together for your temporal, spiritual and eternal good.
Thus, according to your faith shall it be done unto you.