Be Not Satisfied With Gleaning

Be not satisfied with gleaning
Scanty measures for thy soul,
When His pastures smile with blossoms,
And thou mayst enjoy the whole.
Rest not satisfied with sipping
From the wayside rills of love;
O drink freely from the Fountain!
This thy happiness will prove.
As His child, thou art a pilgrim,
And thy Lord doth give thee here
Bread of heaven thy heart to strengthen,
And His wine of love to cheer.
Be not satisfied with leaning
Lightly on the Savior's breast;
Little trust brings fears and faintings,
And will rob thy soul of rest.
Canst thou not lean firm upon Him,
Him on whom thy sins were laid?
Will He keep thee at a distance,
Now thy debts are fully paid?
Nay, thou knowest He will rather
Round thy soul His love entwine,
Till, in childlike trusting fondness,
Thou dost on His breast recline.
Ε. E