Be of Good Courage

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TO prefer the ridicule of schoolfellows to disobedience to the wish of a pious mother is good courage; to turn back from companions on their way to do evil, coward though you be called for so doing, is to be of good courage; to fear God where men despise Him is to be of good courage; yet all such acts as these those who love not God esteem as old-fashioned notions. But, dear young Christian friends, God says, "Be strong, and of good courage," and many a man has gone upon his knees alone to find the strength to do some trifling thing which shall evidence his fear of God.
The easiest way to go through the world is to sail with your colors flying. Perhaps the hoisting of the flag is after all the great difficulty. For a little while after you have run it up people will try to get you to haul it down, but after a while they will leave you alone.