Bearing Twelve Fruits

Revelation 22:2
Although the precise force of the original be doubtful, i.e., whether we should interpret the words that literally signify “bearing twelve fruits,” as meaning merely fresh fruits, or, as we would Fain take it, if not too precarious a conclusion, twelve manner of fruits, as the Authorized Version gives it, in either case a wonderful richness of Divine blessing is promised for the millennial day. Undoubtedly there will be perennial freshness, but it would be only in keeping with what we know, each in our measure, of God's lavish largess, may we say, to His children, if the words (ποιοῦνκαρποὺς δώδεκα) point to a full circle, as it were—a most opulent variety in the spiritual food that will be administered on the renovated earth. And, if so, or, rather, since it is so, how much greater will be the fullness of fruition in the heavenly scene Truly, as one has said, it will be, “Taste after taste, upheld with kindlier change.” But indeed the very fact of the almost bewildering variety of flower and fruit, with which the goodness of Providence has blest even this transitory scene of human life, points to at least as great bounty for the millennium, and, as we have said, how much more for the consummation of that which is heavenly. R.B.