Bed; Bedstead

Boyd’s Bible Dictionary:

The Jewish bed consisted of a mattress and coverings (Gen. 47:31; 1 Sam. 19:13; Matt. 9:6). Placed on the floor, or on a bench (2 Kings 1:4; 20:2; Psa. 132:3; Amos 3:12); and later became ornamental and canopied (Amos 6:4; Esther 1:6). For bed-chamber furnishings see 2 Kings 4:10.

Concise Bible Dictionary:

In the East the beds were simply mats that could be rolled up in the morning and put away in any corner. This explains why the persons who were healed were told to “take up” their beds (Matt. 9:6; Mark 2:9, 11-12; John 5:8-12). For covering, a quilt sufficed, and in cold weather a thicker one; but often they used their own garments only: this accounts for the law that a garment taken in pledge must be restored when the sun went down, that the owner might sleep in his own raiment, or outer garment (Deut. 24:13). For bedsteads, simple couches were commonly used, and where there was no separate bed-chamber the divan on one side of the room, that was used for reclining on in the day, served for the bedstead at night. Doubtless light movable couches were also used as bedsteads, (2 Kings 4:10), under which a lamp could be placed, (Mark 6:21), and on which the man was let down through the roof (Luke 5:18). The bedstead of Og the giant king of Bashan was of iron, 9 cubits long (about 13 feet 6 inches) and 4 cubits wide (6 feet) (Deut. 3:11).

From Manners and Customs of the Bible:

Matthew 9:6. Arise, take up thy bed, and go unto thine house.
See also Mark 2:9-12.
The “bed” was simply a mat or blanket which could be carried in the hands. The poor sometimes had no other bed than the outer garment. See note on Deuteronomy 24:12-13 (#205). The wealthier people in the East have quilts or mattresses filled with cotton, which are spread on the floor or on the divan. See note on 2 Kings 1:4 (#325). In the text the paralytic, being healed, was told to take up his bed and go home. All he had to do was to roll up his blanket and depart. A similar incident took place at the pool of Bethesda. See John 5:8-9,11-12. On such simple “beds” the sick were easily carried. This is referred to in Matthew 9:2; Mark 2:3-4; Luke 5:18; Acts 5:15.

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