"Behold, I Come Quickly!"

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WITH the New Year, we have reached another milestone in our earthly pilgrimage. The “little while” of waiting for our Lord’s return will soon be passed. Soon we shall behold Him whom to know is life eternal. His greatest joy will be to have His redeemed ones with Him, that they may behold His glory and share it with Him.
Ye are called unto this glory. See that ye walk worthy of your calling. Let your light so shine that all men might see that ye are indeed new creatures in Christ Jesus. Seek to live as pilgrims and strangers in this world of sin—as those who have no continuing city here, but seek one to come. Be content to follow Him outside the camp, bearing His reproach and having no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but ever keeping in view the eternal weight of glory that is in store for you, Press forward toward the mark of your high calling in Christ Jesus, that ye may be found ready, watching, waiting for Him who hath redeemed us unto God by His own precious blood.
“The eternal glory gleams afar
To nerve our strong endeavor:
So now to work, to watch, to war:
And then, to rest for ever.”