Bible Reading

 •  3 min. read  •  grade level: 9
THERE is no time like youth for learning the letter of the Scriptures. Young people do not search out the deeper things of the word in the same way as their elders, but, we assure them, it is far easier in youth than it is in age to reach to a knowledge of the letter of the words of life. As people grow up, they have so many things to think about that they cannot so readily learn by rote as the young, and we should be indeed glad if we could stir up our dear young friends to learn texts and chapters of the word of God.
Now, if our young friends would take their Bibles, and honestly lay aside the Concordance, they would find a very happy way of spending some hours by searching for, and then writing out, texts on Bible subjects. For instance, write out all the New Testament texts which speak of the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ. Having done this, arrange all these beautiful texts in groups. Place together, for example, those which tell us what the blood of Christ has wrought for God's people. We think at once of such blessed things as forgiveness (Eph. ), washing (Rev. ), justification (Rom. ). Then arrange together texts which tell us how that precious blood has magnified God—as, for example, “having made peace by the blood of His cross" (Col. ). Another group of texts might be formed, showing us how the Lord has obtained glory to Himself through His blood—as, for example, "By His own blood He entered once into the holy place" (Heb. ). These texts, neatly written in a book, would be well worth keeping to look at by and by.
A little boy—and a child who has not much spare time—made such a capital little book, which we had the pleasure of seeing. It was all his own work, and very nicely was it done. He wrote out ever so many texts, and there was not a blot or a smear to be seen in his book! Directly we begin to think what wonderful things the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ has accomplished for God's people we begin to exalt Him in our hearts. Forgiveness, washing, redemption, justification—nearness to God, liberty of entrance into the Holiest of all—what great things are these!
All our dear young friends who love the Lord Jesus Christ will be profited and delighted by engaging in this little study, we are sure. And if they would learn as well as write out these texts, they would add very much to the value of their labors.
We assure you, you will hardly forget, when perhaps you are grown up, texts so learned. And a mind thus stored with the blessed words of life is richly laden with the wealth of God's great blessings to His people. May each of us be found praying the prayer of the old writer of these beautiful lines—
“Teach me yet more of Thy blest ways,
Thou stricken Lamb of God,
And fix and root me in Thy grace,
As dearly bought with blood.”