Blessings of Jacob and Moses

Genesis 49; Deuteronomy 33  •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 8
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It is natural to contrast Genesis 49 and Deuteronomy 33; but I understand a decided difference in the words of Jacob and of Moses over the twelve -the one regarded them as children, and the other as tribes of the Lord-the one was anticipating their own conduct and history, and the other was putting them severally in that place of honor and blessing which God had settled and secured for them. Thus, in the words of Moses, you get nothing but blessing. No mention of any fault or evil of their own, but God disposing of them all according to His own purpose of grace. It is the tribes under the covenant of promise in the latter day. There may be, and are, divers glories among them, but all are blessed. No mention of any evil they had committed. All that is forgotten. Jehovah finds none. No iniquity in Jacob- no perverseness in Israel. Their tents are all goodly under the favor and light of the Lord! It is the blessing, as from Mount Gerizim, being under God's covenant, as just before it was the curse from Ebal under their own (Deut. 28). And on the mount, as it were, the God of Jeshurun is riding in His magnificence for their help. Happy are such a people. But Jacob anticipates their ways-ways which they have already (generally) run, and ended-sin, shame, loss, apostasy marking nearly all, more or less.