Blessings of Naphtali

 •  2 min. read  •  grade level: 2
From bonds which sin and Satan rove,
For evermore by Christ set free;
I stand, rejoicing now to prove
The strength of perfect liberty.
And fast I stand because I have
The power that raised Him from the grave.
'Tis not that I was anything,
Save tree marked out to fall by ax;
'Tis not that I am anything,
Save bruised reed or smoking flax:
It is that He who marked to fall,
Has now become my All in All!
Would'st know how this great change was wrought!
I'm not ashamed to tell thee now;
And when to perfect glory brought,
I'll wear the motto on my brow.
To Him who died and lives again
Be honor, power, and praise-Amen!
Others abroad may daily roam;
Who? Who will show them any good?
But I have found my spirit's home
'Heath the soft feathers of my God;
And there forever I'll abide,
With His blest favor satisfied.
It is enough to fill the heart
To know the blessing of His love;
Ah! restless one, how slow thou art
The peace of God thyself to prove
'Tis God in Christ! Art thou so dull?
And both in thee! Art thou not full?
And some there are of kindred mind.
First round His empty tomb we met!
There, He in golden chains did bind
Our fickle hearts, and keeps them yet;
And will, till midst adoring crowds,
We rise to meet Him in the clouds.
And then "Forever with the Lord"
We'll sing in perfect liberty;
We'll make our boast with one accord,
How free are those whom Christ makes free;
The links which He has rent in twain
Shall never, never knit again.
Know then, thou fair and glittering earth,
I do not wait to be in heaven
To be assured thou’rt nothing worth,
Thy chains are gone, thy bonds are riven;
The land which now by grace is mine,
Needs not that sun or moon of thine!
'Tis scarcely worth a freedman's while
To mark the thorns along the way;
He often views them with a smile,
So bright the beams of endless day;
And casts away each weight and fear
As closer still the morn draws near!
Blest Jesus! Thou, in grace hast shared
Each thorn that stings this heart of mine;
Though none could ever be compared
To those which pressed Thy brow divine:
Now in the glory Thou'rt revealed
To those by Thy bless'd Spirit sealed.
For this Thy love, Thou Holy One
We bless Thee, and shall ever bless;
And, by the deeds which Thou hast done,
Encouraged, Lord, we onward press.
The eye that guides along the road
Beckons to glory and to God!