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“The Institution of Marriage” (P. Wilson)
In the foreword of this book, R. W. Rule writes: “How often would [my wife and I] have profited by the instruction and counsel of such a book, if it had been put into [our] hands and carefully studied, along with the Scriptures, fifty years ago!” We add a hearty “Amen” to this comment!
Written within the past forty years, the subjects covered in this work such as “Choosing a Companion,” “Compatibility” and “A New Home” are practical, simply presented and relevant to the current day in which we live. While moral corruption in the world is increasing at a level that even the author might not have envisioned when he wrote this book, the clear, sound advice given is based on principles of the Word of God which are applicable to every circumstance of life and in every age.
In the chapter “New Responsibilities” we read: “What man can say, I love my wife as myself? Are we not more ready to think of our aches and pains than of our wives? The husband is to be a miniature demonstration of Christ by loving his wife as himself, and as Christ loved the church.”
The last chapter, “Other Problems” concerning the education of our children is especially timely.
“The Family” (G. Hayhoe)
We would specially encourage parents with young families to prayerfully and carefully read this helpful booklet. While we recognize the failures of many parents whose lives are recorded in the Word of God and our own failures, the author points out that all is not hopeless. He says, “God has given us a perfect pattern in His Word. Just as the love of Christ for His church is the pattern for the husband in his love for his wife, so I believe we could say that the way in which God our Father has dealt with us as His children is the perfect pattern for us as fathers with our children. (See Hebrews 12:510.)” In the foreword the author expresses this desire: “May the Lord be pleased to use this little booklet for His own glory and praise and for the blessing of fathers and mothers of many growing families in these difficult days.”
“To the Parents of My Grandchildren” (G. C. Willis)
We are very thankful that this helpful book is available again. If such a thing were possible, we would recommend it as required reading (after the Word of God, of course) for all Christian parents.
The simple, practical teaching which the author provides taken from the lives of many parents recorded in the Bible is an invaluable resource of help and guidance in raising children in this dark day.
In his preface, the author states: “We are in the ‘perilous times’ of 2 Timothy 3:11This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come. (2 Timothy 3:1), and it is not easy to bring up our children. Alas, there is in the hearts of our children (and in us also) that which causes them naturally to turn in the wrong direction only the grace of God is sufficient for the parents’ need. Thank God... He says, ‘My grace is sufficient.’ If these pages should prove an encouragement or a signpost of warning to some young parents, how thankful I would be!”
The author touchingly closes his meditations with: “The words of the grandfather are ended they have made him feel how he has failed and how utterly unqualified he was for such a work. But within these pages are... counsel and encouragement from Him who faileth not. Let us ever and always remember, ‘God is faithful.’ ”
Addresses of suppliers of these publications are listed in the January 1998 Christian Shepherd. They also may be obtained from the Editor.