Born Again

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We were holding evangelistic meetings in a small town in Scotland. There we learned of one who was helping us more effectually than we could, at first, realize. Indeed, I hardly know how we became acquainted with "Blind Aggie," for, besides being old and blind, she was broken in body, a great sufferer, and could seldom creep beyond her doorstep.
We were strangers in this town, and no one told us of this afflicted child of God. It was in His own providence that He led one of our party to visit her little room. There he discovered what a saint she was and how deeply interested she was in all she had heard about our meetings. She helped us mightily by prayer, arid as much as she could by individual, personal work.
Lodging in the same house with blind Aggie was a seamstress, a poor, giddy, foolish girl, in whom she took a deep interest. With great difficulty she persuaded this girl to attend one of our meetings. While the girl was at the meeting Aggie was earnestly praying for a blessing upon her. When she returned, Aggie called her to her room and asked her many questions about the evening's service. To her sorrow and disappointment she could not find that any impression had been made on the young woman's heart.
Dear old Aggie persevered and again induced the thoughtless girl to go to the meeting. When she returned the second time it was late, and blind Aggie had already gone to bed. But the girl burst into the old woman's room crying, "Oh, Aggie, where are you? I must tell you!"
"Well, dear, what is it? Come and tell me." "Oh, but I want a light first, I canna tell ye in the dark."
Though Aggie never had use for a lamp, she told the girl where to find one. After it was lighted, the girl burst forth from a full heart: "Oh, Aggie, ma'am, I didna laugh this time! They sang a hymn, and it kept saying, 'Ye must be born again.' It just laid hold on me, Aggie, till I thought my heart would burst.
Now Jesus has taken me, Aggie! He has washed me clean and I am born again."
Great joy was in Aggie's little room that night as the new-born soul and the old saint who had travailed in prayer for her knelt together to praise Him who had "loved them and washed them in His own blood."