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The conversion of Saul of Tarsus was a sample one. Every genuine conversion, though not accompanied by the same outward manifestations, runs on the same lines. Notice what he saw: "A light from heaven" which surpassed the best and brightest he had ever known. The truly converted man has seen something far beyond anything to be found on earth. He has seen Jesus in all His love and grace and saving power.
What he did: "Fell to the earth." He was utterly humbled and abased by what he saw. He discovered that his whole life had been one huge mistake. There and then he abandoned his opposition to the name of Christ.
What he heard: "A voice saying unto him." That voice revealed to him the uselessness of the course he had been pursuing. He had only been kicking against the pricks. His strength had been spent in vain.
What he said: "Lord!" He acknowledged himself now to be the subject of the One who had overcome him. Henceforth He was to be his all in all-the Savior of his soul, the Lord of his life.
What he became: "A chosen vessel." Having been saved, he became serviceable. He would IR the faithful and earnest servant of Him to whom he owed so much; not from fear, or a mere sense of duty, but from love and gratitude.
Reader, have you had a conversion like this? Read the whole story in Acts 9
H. P. B.