Broken and Empty

How often we get in the way of the Lord’s working by trying to be strong in our own strength!
Have you ever felt empty, or broken? These are not feelings that we like. But the Lord can be glorified in our lives through emptiness or brokenness. He loves to fill empty vessels and to make His light shine through broken ones. Then the glory is not to the empty vessel or to the broken pitcher, but to the One who can fill the empty vessel and shine through the broken one. So don’t be discouraged when you feel empty, broken, or weak. Just bring your emptiness to Him to fill, ask Him to shine through your brokenness, and trust Him that His strength is made perfect in weakness.
We love to read the stories of miracles the Lord has done. But His platform was sick people, poisoned food, widows in need, insufficient food, childless couples, armies completely out-numbered by the enemy. If your problem falls into one of these or similar categories, rejoice by faith in what He is going to do! His tools were broken pitchers, empty vessels, faith, obedience and praise. He doesn’t need us to be strong in order to do His work. He just needs us to trust Him and obey Him  ...  and praise Him.