"But One Gate of Entrance."

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THE very moment in which she perished, Lot’s wife was in company with those who were saved. It is not association with Christians, or with the purest church on earth, that will save us: it is not attendance upon means or ordinances, even though they may be of Divine institution, that can qualify us for heaven. They are wells without water, and clouds without rain, apart from Christ.
The ancient city of Troy had but one gate of entrance: the ark that saved Noah and his family had but one door: heaven, too, has but one—and that is Christ. “I am the door: by Me, if any man enter in, he shall be saved.” That door now stands open to receive every perishing soul that will enter it. Sinner, be warned: “Remember Lot’s wife,” and find refuge in Christ from the coming judgment.
THE promises of the Bible, like the beams of the sun, shine as freely in at the window of the poor man’s cottage as the rich man’s palace. A mountain of gold heaped up high as heaven would be no such treasure as one promise of God.