Boyd’s Bible Dictionary:

(displeasing). (1) A boundary of Asher (Josh. 19:27). (2) The district given to Hiram by Solomon (1 Kings 9:10-14).

Concise Bible Dictionary:

1. Border city of Asher (Josh. 19:27). Identified with Kabul, 32° 52' N, 35° 12' E.
2. Name given by Hiram king of Tire to the twenty cities in Galilee given him by Solomon, because he was displeased with them (1 Kings 9:13). Josephus says (Ant. 8. 5, 3) that the meaning of the term in the Phoenician tongue was “what does not please.” Apparently Hiram returned them to Solomon (2 Chron. 8:2).

Strong’s Dictionary of Hebrew Words:

from the same as 3525 in the sense of limitation; sterile; Cabul, the name of two places in Palestine
KJV Usage:

Jackson’s Dictionary of Scripture Proper Names:

as if nothing: fettered

Potts’ Bible Proper Names:

Received as a pledge; limit; border; displeasing:―name of two places in Palestine, Josh. 19:27. {In pignus acceptus}