Capacity to Enjoy; Kingdom Sphere of Reward; Exercises to Fit for Service

Matthew 25:21  •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 6
As a rule, reward is in the Kingdom, ten cities, etc.: in Matt. 25, ten and four talents being alike into the joy of the Lord. Fitness for heaven is not connected with progress in scripture: "He hath made us meet." It is natural to suppose greater spirituality is more capable of enjoying; but the object is so great after all, it eclipses us, and we must remember Christ is our life, and there, all else gone. Scripture, as far as I know, never speaks of spiritual capacity, or growth in it, to enjoy more. Here surely there is such a thing. When God is all in all, there is no such thing spoken of. God may have in His eternal purpose fitted us for more or less. But, as scripture does not speak of it, I do not. Reward in the kingdom is clearly spoken of.