Chapter 11

1. Temple and altar measured. Preservation and acceptance of true Jewish worshippers.
2. The court. Outward profession under Gentile oppression.
4. Two olive trees and two candlesticks. God’s declared witness to the reestablishment of Israel with royalty and priesthood. (Zech. 4.)
7. Beast. See chapter 13:1.
8. The great street of the city. Jerusalem.
12. A great voice. A call from Him who is the resurrection and the life.
13. Earthquake. See chapter 6:12.
Tenth part of city. One of the ten horns or kingdoms.
Seven thousand names of men. The complete organized systems of the earth.
19. Temple opened. The public recommencement of God’s dealings with the Jews on earth from heaven.
Ark of the covenant. Sign of God’s faithfulness to Israel; the outward link of His connection with His people.
Lightnings, etc. See chapter 8:5; 16:18.