Chapter 12

Clothed with the sun. Israel or Jerusalem invested with supreme authority.
The moon under her feet. The whole reflected light of her previous state under her feet.
3. Red dragon. Satan viewed in connection with earthly power.
Seven heads. Completeness of power in evil.
Ten horns. The ideal aggregate of the rulers of the divided Roman empire; incomplete kingly administration. (The Lamb had seven horns. Twelve is completeness of power in man.)
Seven crowns [diadems]. Completeness in form of power.
Third part of the stars. Rulers of the Roman Empire. (See chapter 8.)
5. Man child. Christ.
6. Wilderness. Isolation from the present resources of the civilized earth.
10. A great voice. Authoritative announcement from heaven by Christ of a great public fact.
15. Water as a flood [river]. The movements of people under Satanic influence. (Psa. 93:34.)