Chapter 6

2. White horse. Conquering aggressive power in providential action. (Zech. 6.)
Bow. Victorious warfare. (Psa. 7:1213.)
Crown. Imperial authority.
4. Red horse. Power with frightful carnage.
Sword. War; slaughter.
5. Black horse. Sorrow and mourning.
6. Oil and wine. The luxuries of the rich.
8. Pale horse. Excessive mortality by sword, famine and pestilence. (Ezek. 5:1617; 14:1221.)
Fourth part of the earth. A limited portion of the Roman earth.
9. Under the altar. As having been as sacrifices to God; their lives offered up.
11. White robe. Recognition of practical righteousness. (Ch. 19:8.)
12. Earthquake. Convulsion of the whole structure of society. Darkening and subversion of established authorities.
Sun black as sackcloth. Alienation from God and Satanic darkening of the ruling power.
Moon as blood. All derived authority in a state of death morally.
13. Stars fallen from heaven. Open apostasy of subordinate authorities.
14. Heaven departed as a scroll. General convulsion and overthrow of all governmental order.
Mountains. Seats of authority in stability.