Chapter 8

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1. Silence in Heaven: Temporary suspension of judgment.
3. Another Angel: Christ.
Altar: The brazen altar; the first point of contact between God and man on earth.
Incense: The precious perfume of the graces of Christ.
Golden Altar: Effectual intercession of the great High Priest (Ex. 30).
Voices and Thunderings and Lightnings and an Earthquake: Signs of God’s power in the subversion of all established order on the earth.
Fire: Consuming judgment.
Blood: Death morally; apostasy.
Trees: Exalted position among men; human power and pride (Ezek. 31; Dan. 4).
Blood: (See ver. 7).
Ships: Lucrative commerce.
10. Star, Burning as It Were a Lamp: A fallen and apostate dignitary.
Rivers: The activity of bodies of people under certain influences.
Fountains of Waters: The source and origin of these influences.
Moon: Derived light; that which reflects the light of the sun in his absence.
Stars: Subordinate authorities.
Darkness: No perception of God’s will; strong delusion to believe a lie. [The four trumpets affect all parts of symbolic creation.]