Chapter 9

1. Star fallen from heaven. An apostate subordinate power.
2. Smoke of a great furnace. Blinding Satanic delusions.
Sun. See chapter 8:12.
3. Locusts. Warlike instruments of Satanic power in the earth, used providentially.
Scorpion power. Infliction of pain and anguish of heart; mental agony.
5. Five months. A determinate limited period.
7. Horses prepared unto battle. See chapter 6.
Crowns of gold. Victorious power affecting divine righteousness.
Faces as the faces of men. Masculine energy.
8. Hair as of women. Subjection to others. (1 Cor. 11:15.)
9. Breastplates of iron. Steeled consciences.
Sound of chariots, etc. Fanatical and rapid warfare.
13. Golden altar. See chapter 8:3.
14. Euphrates. The barrier of the Roman earth.
15. Hour, day, month, and year. A prescribed period.
16. Two myriads of myriads [200,000,000]. Countless swarms of moral locusts.
17. Breastplates of fire and jacinth and brimstone. The defensive armor of hell.
Fire and smoke and brimstone. Inflicted judgments of a darkening and hellish character.