Choose Your Colors

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AFTER a stubborn and heroic resistance, the city of Limerick was compelled to open its gates to the besieging forces of King William. The articles of surrender were drawn up, and the brave Irish regiments obtained the privilege of marching out with all the honors of war. Then they were to choose whether they would serve in the armies of their conqueror, or follow their allies to France.
It was a gray, October morning, more than four hundred years ago. Beyond the suburbs of the city, on a large, open space, the flags of the two rival nations were planted, at some distance from each other. On the one side the royal standard of England was set up; on the other, that of France.
The plan agreed upon was that the Irishmen, as they marched out of the city, should proceed to this spot, and should then wheel to the right or to the left, and range themselves beneath the flag under which they elected to serve.
At the head of the Irish marched the foot-guards, the finest of their regiments, fourteen hundred strong. On they came, amid breathless silence and acute suspense, for well was it understood that the decision of the first regiment would powerfully influence all the rest.
At length the critical spot was reached, and the guards, in a body, wheeled round to the colors of France, barely seven men turning to the standard of King William.
The next regiment to follow was Lord Iveagh's, and, contrary to all expectation, it marched unanimously to the English side.
Regiment followed regiment. Some turned to the right, and some to the left. According to the choice that each soldier made, his future destiny was fixed.
Has it ever struck you, reader, that YOU have to make a similar choice? You have to make a decision that will affect your future destiny for all eternity. Vast interests are at stake. The everlasting weal or woe of your soul depends upon the course that you decide to take.
To put the matter in a nutshell: You are called upon to decide whether in true repentance and faith you will turn to the Lord, seek salvation at His hands, and be on His side; or whether you will continue unrepentant, unsaved, loving your sins, and serving under the black flag of Satan.
If you are still unconverted, if you have never been born again, if you have never knelt at the Savior’s feet and sought cleansing through His precious blood, then I must tell you the plain truth about yourself: You ARE STILL IN THE RANKS OF SATAN.
In order that you may be on the Lord's side, you need forgiveness. You also need deliverance from the power of besetting sin.
When David asked the young man whose life he had saved, to be on his side in his warfare with the enemy, the young man asked for assurance as to these two things before he gave his promise. "Swear," said he,” that thou wilt neither kill me, nor deliver me into the hands of my master." (1 Sam. 30:1515And David said to him, Canst thou bring me down to this company? And he said, Swear unto me by God, that thou wilt neither kill me, nor deliver me into the hands of my master, and I will bring thee down to this company. (1 Samuel 30:15).)
He deserved to be killed, for he had helped to burn and destroy David's city. But he sought forgiveness for this and obtained it. He was also set free from the claim of his cruel master. Then he could take his place definitely and wholeheartedly on David's side.
This is what the Lord Jesus wants YOU to do. He promises you forgiveness for all the sins of your life, if you will but apply to Him for it. In Him, too, you may find deliverance from the iron hand of the besetting sins that have ruled you for so long. Then you can serve under His flag and be on His side.
It is for you to choose. "Choose ye this day whom ye will serve." The Lord's side is the safe side; it is the winning side. Be persuaded to turn to Him, and accept Hire as your Savior. If you do not, even though you may not be what men would call "a great sinner," yet your neglect to obey the call of Jesus is, in reality, a decision for sin, for Satan and for judgment.
H. P. B.