Choose Your Side!

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 5
You must be on one side or the other. If you play a game of football you cannot be on both sides at once, sometimes carrying the ball for one team and then the other. You would be dismissed from the field very quickly.
In the game—no, in the reality—of life, you must be on the side of right or on that of wrong. No man can serve two masters. You cannot walk in the broad way and in the narrow way at the same time. You must either be for Christ or against Him.
Almost two thousand years ago the world rejected Jesus, the Son of God. The world still rejects Him today. Its character has not changed, though it may appear to have improved over the centuries.
The most religious nation of its time crucified Christ, and "culture" was then at its height under the influence of Greece and Rome. Hebrew, Greek and Latin were the three languages in which our Lord's accusation was written and placed over His head upon the cross. Hebrew represented religion; Greek represented culture and Latin represented power. Mankind, Jew and Gentile, educated and ignorant, rough and gentle, all joined in the rejection of the Son of God.
In the language of the Lord Jesus Himself, What think ye of Christ? The question is still, whose side are you on?
Choose you this day whom ye will serve.