Christ a Reality

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One thought pressed on me thirty-five years ago, and that was the thought of reality. Let it be a reality—don't let me follow meteors! Is it, I asked, a real fact, that God's Christ is mine, and that He is now sitting at God's right hand as my accepted sacrifice, and all God's delight is in Him?
Your heart may have to be brought into all sorts of difficulties to find out what it has in Christ—what it is to be connected with the eternal loves of the soul. Is He known to you as the One who is occupied with all your concerns? Do you realize it daily? The thought of His being occupied about us would prevent our being tried with difficulties that spring up. It would make us say, "What! is Christ on the throne of God mine? I, such a poor feeble thing—is He given to me?" Paul found the love of Christ a personal thing it is so. It was a personal love that gave John a place on His bosom, a personal love that drew to Him the poor woman that washed His feet with her tears; and poor things down here understand the power of that love as they go on.
When we see saints like Peter and Paul failing, we find what a poor thing man is at his best estate; but oh, what an unexpected blessing to have to do with a God who cannot fail! And I know that when I pass from earth, I have a God who means to take me up and make of this poor body, a body of glory like that risen Man at His right hand. Come what may, this God has His everlasting hand underneath us.